The Crazies Pt. III: The Katt Williams Persecution

In my previous articles of The Crazies and The Crazies Pt. II, I spoke very extensively on how the Illuminati elite controls the entire entertainment industry and anyone that dares to speak against their satanic agenda would be punished through public media humiliation, imprisonment and, in many cases, death.  The most bullied of truth tellers, however, always seems to be successful black comedians.  In the past, we have seen many respected professionals of this field succumb to the deadly pressures of Hollywood and the occult that lies beneath it.  On continuing with this series, I will only be focusing on the career of just one man, Katt Williams.

Speaking The Truth
Through blockbuster films and classic stand-up specials, Katt Williams had quickly emerged into super-stardom as he led the way for a new wave of generational black comedy.  Known for an unfiltered sense of social humor and repetitive usage of the n-word, Katt Williams was still very different from most comics because he never held his tongue on the taboo subjects of government control and Hollywood's notorious occult circles.  Here are a few of his earlier stand-ups where Williams first began mentioning many of these evils as he was let into Hollywood's darkside:

speaking on government manipulation

speaking on FDA approved fake produce

speaking on Hollywood occult orgies

speaking on dangerous prescription drugs

With what seemed to be an artist at his pinnacle, the career of Katt Williams suddenly began to take a downward slope for the worst.  A story seen many times before, as this comedian once adorn by millions has now become a media punching bag struck with financial struggles, legal trials, and rumored insanity.  However, what separates Katt Williams from most of these abused entertainers, is that he was able to recognize who is true enemy was, the Devil.  Within the past few years, Katt Williams has professed his love and faith in Jesus Christ.  Which, unlike his industry peers, gives him the full advantage in waring with the occult . Unfortunately, because of this firm declaration of Christ-centered truth, it also has turned him into a primary target on the Illuminati radar.

Prison & Programming
The first offense of Katt Williams' career occurred in 2006, after he was arrested at an airport for gun possession.  But why would someone of such comedic notoriety jeopardize his whole reputation and fame over carrying a firearm in his travel luggage?  And from whom or what does Katt Williams need that type of protection from?  Isolated, it seemed quite bizarre but when paralleled with the lives of his comedic colleagues of whom have shared similar stories, the real problem becomes all the more clear.

Black comedy mogul and once mentor to Williams, Martin Lawrence, experienced a heap of handcuffed incidents and hospital visits relating to weapon charges in 1996.  One of which included him hysterically walking the streets of L.A. waving a gun screaming that "they are trying to kill me!"  This was followed by another arrest that was made, where Lawrence was charged with a concealed gun inside of a briefcase in which he claimed he needed for protection.  It is clear that both of these men were in fear of the same evil entity.  Dave Chappelle also talked about this wickedness in Hollywood and how it affected Lawrence's career:

"These people are not crazy...maybe their environment is a little sick." - Dave Chappelle

After Katt Williams was arrested in 2006, it seemed as if the system was purposely trying to keep him in prison.  Following that arrest, Williams spent the next few years repeatedly being thrown in and out of jail for false claims and charges.   In a recent stand-up, Katt Williams had claimed to have been arrested over 14 times within a 3 year period.  Here are a few of these incredulous arrests:

Interestingly enough, even with these arrest reports above, it took some research to find evidence of them even occurring.  And with Wikipedia becoming more and more like the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell's 1984, "deleting and correcting" history, not much was found their either except for only 3 out of the 14 charges and a degrading mugshot photo.

As I have mentioned in this series before, many of these types of arrests are primarily performed to humiliate the victim, and given as an excuse to reinforce occult mind control through Monarch progamming (MK Ultra).  I believe that this was also the case for Katt Williams.  Although a professing Christian, Katt Williams had been engulfed in Hollywood's sinful environment for many years allowing Satan and his demonic forces to have power and influence over his life.  After his breakout role as a low-budget pimp named Money Mike in Friday After Next (2003), Williams continued to use this "pimp" character (or alter) throughout most of his career.

Katt Williams as "Money Mike" in Friday After Next

Williams portraying a pimp in Eddie Murphy's Norbit
Katt Williams even vocally portrayed a pimp on Adult Swim's cartoon The Boondocks
Showing us that "pimpin" is always (programmed) on his mind
 There are many symbolic aspects surrounding Katt Williams pimp persona that would highly suggest he was being subjected to MK Ultra programming as means of creating a controlled alter for Hollywood to further exploit.  The first noticeable feature of Money Mike lies within his name, the double M's.  In methods of mind control, double letters show great occult significance and always hold a double meaning.  "MM" being one of the most common is often used to reference "Master Mason" or "Mary Magdelene" and serves as a trigger for them to remain in that particular alter.  "M" is also the 13th letter in the alphabet (MM=13,13).  13 is a very powerful number in occult numerology.

Also in the movie, Money Mike owned a clothing store called Pimps & Hoes.  Inside the store, was a pimp dressed mannequin that he would frequently talk to as if it were living.  Mannequins are used to represent dissociation, making the person believe they are a mindless dummy.  There is even a point in the film where Money Mike becomes stuck underneath the mannequin, which could be interpreted as Kat being stuck between his pimp alter and reality.

"I'm stuck between a pimp and a hard place"

Another alarming connection is that Katt Williams generally wears leopard printed outfits when channeling this pimp ego (as seen in the few photos above).  In MK Ultra, feline printed attire generally symbolizes Beta programming in which the victim is forced to act/dress like a cat in order to become an animal disillusioned sex slave.  Typically used for females in the industry, it has lately been implemented into male programming for homosexual behavior and sexual confusion as well.


(jokes written to reinforce his programming)

It is also important to mention that in the film Friday After Next, Kat's "Money Mike" alter-ego portrayed him being almost raped by actor/comedian Terry Crews.  Could this have been the first phase of his programming?  Terry Crew's character name in the movie was "Damon" which means "to tame or control" like an animal.

Please understand, by no means am I stating that Kat Williams became a sex slave for Hollywood, but what I am certain of is that the Illuminati occult forcibly tried to get him involved in homosexual acts through twisted mind manipulating methods.  They were very determined to fully initiate Williams into their perverted satanic circle.  In 2005, during the BET Comedy Awards, Katt Williams symbolically performed in a room filled with thousands of black entertainers as a way of formally "introducing" himself into this society:

notice they made him perform in leopard print and re-enact his rape scene w/ Terry Crews
From this point, BET further "pimped" Williams' talents by having him host the annual Hip-Hop awards for 2006 and 2007.

As his fame grew, Williams had gained close relationships with many of the elitists within black Hollywood who served as mentors to him.   Stand up comedian and author Darryl "D'Militant" Littleton was one of these individuals to help "guide" Williams' career. 

You can tell from the picture that Katt is really happy to be friends with him...
I believe that Littleton served as a "handler" for Katt Williams as he was inducted into the Hollywood occult.  Known for already having a 10-year mentoring relationship with Williams, between 2005 and 2008, Darryl Littleton began writing with him as well.

With the help of Littleton, Katt Williams was rumored to have been offered a 50 million dollar deal for a concept stand-up show on Comedy Central.  However, in Dave Chappelle fashion, he refused this offer and announced his retirement from stand-up all together.  This was the first sign of Katt beginning to break free from his programming and denying the occult's advances.  It was said that the primary reason for him turning down the show was because it demanded that he wear a dress.  Although there is not much information on this particular subject, their is believed to be a type of sexual ritual many male black entertainers must go through called "The Director's Chair" which involves them being publicly displayed as a woman or homosexual on screen while secretly being abused and raped during production.
Dave Chappelle briefly encountered this type of Hollywood sickness first-hand while working on the set of Martin Lawrence's film Blue Streak:

scene from Blue Streak, where Dave Chappelle repeated calls Lawrence "gay"

Due to Katt's defiance against the occult, the entire industry had turned on him.  His once mentor's and peers of comedy had all abandoned him for doing what was right.  BET even removed him as host for the annual Hip-Hop awards, replacing him with T-Pain.  As a way to antagonize them, Williams arrived at the awards show symbolically wearing a noose.

Williams symbolically wearing a noose, prophetic of whats to come?
One of Katt Williams' main persecutors was self-proclaimed comedy king and Hollywood handler Steve Harvey.

Before I continue, I would like to speak briefly about Steve Harvey.  Most of black America considers this man to be a born again Christian based on his career and testimony. Serving as permanent host for BET's Celebration of Gospel year after year and releasing a "church" stand-up special entitled Don't Trip, He Ain't Through With Me Yet funded by T.D. Jakes, Harvey has a track record that would make any mega-church pastor jealous.  But is it genuine?  Scripture tells us that there will be many people professing the name of Christ, but are false prophets camouflaged within the flock.

 "For their shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" - Matthew 24:24

 Without much notice, Steve Harvey has pledged his satanic allegiance to the occult for years through subtleties in his career.  In an episode from his popular sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show,  Harvey and fellow comedy legend Cedric The Entertainer performed an Illuminati ceremony disguised as a woman's group meeting:

Steve Harvey is also known for his affiliation with Omega Psi Phi, a college fraternity that is deeply rooted in Freemasonry and the occult (as most are).

College fraternities are founded on occult principles
During his famous "introduction to Christ" excerpt at the end of his religious stand-up, Harvey revealed that he sees God through the use of his "third eye", an occult teaching related to the pineal gland and channeling demons.  Which means that the "god" he saw in his vision was not Yahweh of the Bible, but a demonic imposter imitating the miracles of Christ.

"I was thinking that with this third eye and my ability as a comedian, what would I say if somebody let me introduce him (false christ)"

Notice at the end he does not actually say that the one he's referring to is Jesus

From this blasphemous performance, we see that Steve Harvey is indeed one of the false prophets spoken of in Matthew creating "signs and wonders" through occult doctrine to deceive the Christian community.  Now, with T.D. Jakes recently "annointing" Harvey as an honorary "preacher" for TBN, Harvey has started his own ministry of hidden occult teachings entitled I AM POWER:

notice the "W" is shaped to look like a capped pyramid.  Is this the source of his "power"?
After hearing of Williams' retirement, Steve Harvey ridiculed him for this decision and challenged him to a comedy stand-off as a way of humiliation.  However, what nobody expected was for Katt Williams to destroy Harveys' name and credibility in a comedic verbal assault during their duel show in Detroit.

As a result of Williams' resistance towards Hollywood's elite, they continued their bullying onslaught of ridiculous arrests and legal issues.  Aside from them constantly keeping Williams in prison, they also tried to take his family as well.  While he was locked away, a nanny that worked for him decided to file for custody over one of his children falsely claiming to be the birth mother and almost won the case because of Katt's failure to show to court due to his detainment in jail.  Also, in 2011, Katt Williams was highly criticized for remarks he made about the Mexican population and was even forced to publicly "apologize" on CNN.  However, even with all the arrests and media abuse, Katt still showed the occult where his strength to endure comes from, Jesus Christ.

"Lets make one thing certain, I'm a Christian, so I'm straight"

"Satan, all your people (Illuminati) suck..."

Because of the strong stance he took on his faith, the Hollywood occult saw him as an eminent threat.  Williams was well aware of their desire to have him killed.  In 2011, during one of the occults most important ritual holidays, Halloween, Katt released an "Illuminati diss" song titled "Trick Or Treat".  The video shows Williams infiltrating an occult meeting and battling with the possessed, almost as if he were calling out Satan himself.

 "Illuminati want me dead, I walk around like I don't care"

At this point in his career, it had seemed like Williams was building up for a return to the comedy stage.  However, in 2011, something strange happened.  During one of Williams' stand-up sets in New Mexico, people stated that the struggling comedian was not "himself" as he frightfully paced the stage, rubbed his hair in chewing tobacco, and did push-ups as if he had totally lost his mind.  As many naively analyzed his actions as being the result of some drug addiction or alcoholism, when related to the occult, this type of behavior is most common when someone is breaking their mind control. 

Many people that witnessed the show live had stated that during his mental "breakdown", Williams was constantly going behind the stage to pray.  If this is true, then it is even more apparent that Katt was desperately trying to free himself completely from the satanic bondage Hollywood had left on his psyche.  In order to convince the public to believe Katt was to have a drug addiction rather than spiritual oppression, his former mentor Darryl Littleton wrote an embellished "hate" book for the sole purpose of destroying Williams' credibility called Pimp Down: The Rise and Fall of Katt Williams.

Despite it all, bruised but not broken, Williams finally reemerged with a very revealing stand-up special called Kattpacalypse on the eve of 2012 (5 years after his initial retirement).  During this hour-set, Katt Williams did the one thing Satan hated the most, speak about the truth of Jesus Christ.  From exposing further government corruption to denying every false religion and deity worshiped by man, Katt Williams attacked his enemy head on, professing that the power of Christ is the only way to defeat the Devil and the Illuminati occult.

Notice in the picture, Wall St. is destroyed showing that he is aiming at the Illuminati elite

(please watch this. every joke is revealing)

From the way he spoke towards the end of this stand-up, it seems as if Katt Williams has accepted the role of martyrdom for the decision he made to be a soldier for Christ and an opposition to the Devil.  There is even a point where he states, "Understand, even if they was gonna kill me for the sh*t I got to say, I don't know why I'm still here in the first place."  The choice of his title is also alluding to occult execution as he is referencing Tupac Shakur, a rapper widely known for his anti-Illuminati campaign prior to his murder.  I, on the other hand, am praying that God performs a miracle through Katt's life and testimony.  I hope that because of the position he is taking for Jesus Christ, everyone will take notice and support him as he battles these hidden evils.  I pray that God gives this man protection and perseverance as he "stands up" for what we all should believe in: the truth. 

"So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be exposed, or hidden that will not be made known.  What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight, what is whispered in your ears, proclaim from the roofs.  Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.  Rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both the body and soul in hell.  Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.  And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So do not be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows.  Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven." - Matthew 10:26-32
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